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How to Get Started With a Garnishment Bankruptcy

There are many ways that creditors can begin to harass individuals. The phone calls, threatening letters, and even wage garnishment can become too much to handle. When a person has done all they can to get out of debt but cannot seem to overcome, they are urged to learn about their options for garnishment bankruptcy. Learning about this type of bankruptcy will help individuals to make wise choices for their needs.

How to Get Started on the Process

Filing for bankruptcy is the legal right of every American citizen who meets the criteria. To get started filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a person needs to schedule a meeting with a bankruptcy attorney. Individuals do have the right to file for bankruptcy without legal help but the process and the paperwork can often be overwhelming so many make the wise choice of hiring an attorney to help them.

The attorney will review the financial records of the client and make a decision on which bankruptcy should be pursued. Those who want to file chapter 7 will need to pass mean’s testing first. If they do not qualify, they will need to file for chapter 13, which requires them to make payments to the court each month so their debt can slowly be paid down over a period of three to five years.

If a person qualifies for chapter 7, a court-appointed trustee will be placed in charge of the case and will identify any non-exempt assets that can be liquidated to pay off the debts that were owed. Usually, chapter 7 is settled within six months, making it the fastest and easiest option for those who want a legal way to overcome their debt.

Get Started Today

There is no reason to go through the harassment of creditors. By undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, creditors are given a cease and desist order which means they can no longer try to collect on the debt owed to them.

If you are dealing with threats of wage garnishment and want legal help, contact the attorney’s office today. They will be happy to schedule your meeting right away.